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Baking Tips Tricks and Products

Baking Tips Tricks and Products
Crescents, pies, cakes, tarts, cookies and various types of bread have been enjoyed through out centuries. Baking is taking a doughy substance such as one made from flour, grains and water and inventing a solid yet fluffy treat.
In today's world you can find bread as easily as going to the store and picking out a loaf from the many different types located on shelves. However, during ancient times some bread was considered sacrificial and not as easy to come by.

During Ancient Egyptian times baking had become a part of daily life and it said that their art in baking had come from the Babylonian era. Kings would make animal shapes from bread and use them in sacrificial manners while baking became more and more popular in other civilizations such as the Greeks and the Romans.

The Greeks and the Romans had their own tasteful addition to baking and today's creations are a slightly altered realization of the baking that happened more then 2000 years ago. Honey flans and patterned tortes were of growing popularity in Greece while in Rome pretzels, fritters and sweet cakes became very popular. In addition, today's doughnut was a very popular baking treat named a dispyrus in Ancient Greek. It was slightly different than the doughnut found in today's world it was made from flour and honey, created into a ring and soaked in wine.

Once the Romans caught on to the art of baking many other civilizations had as well. Baking spread through-out Europe and entered Paris where the first open-air café of baked goods had opened for public serving. The rest of the world soon followed in the art of baking.

During the middle ages, baked goods could be found on local merchants and many people made a great living off of baking and selling their pastries and bread. During the modern world, bread is a popular choice among the public and can be found in restaurants and stores all over the world.

Baking has been a world-wide tradition since ancient times and although their have been great inventions designed to make baking time faster and more improved, baking is still the number one type of cooking that people love to do and eat. News and Information

Baking Tips Tricks and Products

Baking Tips Tricks and Products